jeudi 15 novembre 2007

Évaluation of the program

I’ve learn a lot of things from this TV program. I had the possibility to see what the atmosphere in a hospital is and how the doctor and the nurses work. I found it was fun because they work as a team and there are several special events. It’s a good program to watch for adult students like us because it’s not for the children and either for retirees. The TV program isn’t hard to watch. I do not feel as if I have lost my time watching this TV program. Then, I recommend this show to others students if they want to learn English.

jeudi 1 novembre 2007

Haunt You Everyday

I think that Mark was looking for a girl in this episode of the Halloween because at the beginning, he asks to Callie if she needed comfort when he knew that she was already free. Unfortunately, she declines his proposition. Later, Mark was surprised when a boy came to him and says that a boy was born without any ears and he in his father. After the joke, the boy paid by Derek to look for him, reveals that he was searching for a plastic surgeon to construct ears for the little boy pro bono. Then, Mark says that he can volunteer his services but no one else can help him without “social capital” . Despite this, Meredith maid a big impression to Mark when she convinces everyone to help out, by distracting the boy and make him laughs, until he get the surgery. Then he says to her with big eyes: "The apple fell far from the tree, didn't it?". He said this because her mother, Ellis, never made time for this.

vendredi 12 octobre 2007

WIshin' and hopin'

In the first episode, the mother of a nurse named Meredith woke up from a coma. Unfortunately, she was mad and confused from her last five years of Alzheimer's. Then she began to shout what was the best for her daughter and asked her to break up with her spouse. She also insulted her. The nurse asked a doctor who knows her mother well to help her. He said that we don't live in a perfect world and her mother, Ellis, can't be perfect. He also talked to Ellis and said only what she wanted to hear. At the same time, a patient was emitting toxic substances. People tried to treat her and lost consciousness. A good team work proposed by Christina was the best solution to take control. In the same episode, Cristina told Burke that she wanted to marry him but she didn't want to wear the ring. So, he was really happy !

jeudi 6 septembre 2007


Grey's anatomy is a mix of intensity of medicinal training and funny, sexy and painful lives of doctors. It also includes a good lesson of life. We can learn by every experience of all the characters that neither medicine nor relationship can be defined in black and white. Real life is only in shades of grey. The interns have graduated at Seattle Grace Hospital. They choose to live a life of adrenaline with the daily stakes of their job with endless drama. There are a lot of schemer characters. There are Dr. Lexie Grey,sister of Dr. Merdith Grey and Dr.George O'Malley will join them soon because he didn't pass his exam. Residents also include Dr. Cristina Yang, Dr. Isobel “Izzie” Stevens, Dr. Alex Karev, Dr. Callie Torres and Dr. Miranda Bailey.They are all under the tutelage of Dr. Richard Webber, Dr. Derek Shepherd, and Dr. Mark Sloan.